Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Don’t be TRICKED by your Smoothing TREATment!

It’s October and just because trickery abounds this time of year, doesn’t mean you should be tricked by your smoothing treatment. Get all the facts when choosing a smoothing treatment to ensure you get results that delight, not fright! 

Here are 4 quick tips to help guide you when seeking out the right smoothing treatment for you.

  1. Consider a product that produces proven results and is a trusted brand name.  When you go shopping for facial tissues, it’s likely that you’ve written “Kleenex” on your shopping list.  With smoothing treatments, Brazilian Blowout has the same strong brand recognition so it is often times confused with other keratin smoothing treatments, which can produce less-than-desired results for the client.  If you choose a stylist to perform a Brazilian Blowout, ask to see the solution bottle. If it doesn’t look like this or this, then it’s NOT a Brazilian Blowout!
  2. Only choose a CERTIFIED stylist.  To guarantee the best results possible, and ensure the treatment is performed properly and according to manufacturer instructions, Brazilian Blowout requires all stylists to be certified.  Our certified stylists are continually educated on the latest techniques and updated on any new information necessary for performing the treatment properly for optimum results and client comfort. You can find a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist on our Salon Finder.  
  3. Know the difference between a Keratin treatment and Amino Acid based treatment. Brazilian Blowout solution is enriched with amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.  Amino acids are readily assimilated into the hair, creating a protective layer around the hair shaft and are sealed in upon flat ironing.  The hair is then completely rinsed of the solution after the flat ironing process, allowing you to resume your daily activities unrestricted when you leave the salon. Many keratin treatments require a wait period of up to 72 hours before washing their hair, going swimming, putting hair in a clip or ponytail and, in some instances, restricts the client from tucking the hair behind the ear or placing sunglasses on the head.  Brazilian Blowout gives you freedom to live your life as soon as you leave the salon.
  4. Choose a treatment that meets your desired result.  Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments can be customized for each hair type.  For example, if you have a head full of curls you want to keep but simply lose the frizz, then Brazilian Blowout is the answer for you, as many keratin treatments do not allow for results to be customized beyond smoothing.  Be sure to talk with your stylist when deciding what desired result you are looking to achieve.

So there you have it.  Now, when you consider a smoothing treatment, you know what to look for in smoothing systems and when choosing a stylist.  Be armed with the knowledge to make the right decision for YOU!


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