Friday, December 12, 2014

Dear Santa...

When the weather outside is frightful,
make sure your hair looks delightful.

Use Brazilian Blowout aftercare
to maintain smooth, frizz-free hair.

You can customize your hair in different ways,
results will last up to 90 days.

Your smooth, shiny hair won’t disappoint,
with perfect tresses from every viewpoint.

So what are you waiting for, you know what to do,

Put it on your list and Santa will bring it to you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for Friends, Family + Certified Stylists

This holiday season, in addition to family and friends, we are thankful for all of the incredibly talented Brazilian Blowout Certified Stylists! With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to pay a visit to a certified stylist to get the hair of your dreams.

You have enough to worry about during the stressful holiday season from cooking a turkey to your office holiday party. With a Brazilian Blowout, you can take your hair off the list. A Brazilian Blowout means up to 12 weeks of smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair that will last you all season long. It’s the ultimate treatment to protect your hair from harsh, cold temperatures, dryness, wind, rain and snow. A Brazilian Blowout is peace of mind that even in the worst weather, your hair will look as radiant as ever. Plus, it drastically cuts styling time, so you can get out the door on time for all your upcoming holiday parties!

Find your certified stylist today and get ready for the best hair of your life!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don’t Let Frizz Ruin Your Halloween!

This Halloween, don’t let a bad hair day ruin your costume. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a Brazilian Blowout and banish scary frizzies and flyaways! With temperatures dropping, it’s time to tame those tresses and get your hair in shape for the dry, chilly days ahead. You want to be noticed for your ensemble, not your frizzy mane!

By utilizing the Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, a Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment will improve the overall health of hair by creating a protein layer around each strand, eliminating frizz, smoothing the cuticle, leaving you with incredible healthy, radiant, shiny hair.  Oh, and the perfect accessory for any Halloween get up. Whether you’re going as a Frozen character, Katniss, some sort of animal or what-not, make sure you put your best accessory forward...your hair! 

Brazilian Blowout is an incredible treat with results that will last up to 12 weeks!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Thank You For All Your Support & Happy Cosmetology Month!

Fans and Certified Stylists:  A huge thank you for all your support over the years as American Salon released this year's "Professional's Choice Award" winners and Brazilian Blowout was amongst them!  For the 5th year in a row, readers voted Brazilian Blowout as American Salon's Professional's Choice Award for Best Smoothing Treatment, and we're filled with excitement.  Your support for our brand means the world to us and we're so thankful to have amazing stylists and fans such as you.
Also, we wanted to wish our certified stylists Happy Cosmetology Month for the month of October!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

Summer temperatures are starting to simmer down and cooler weather is on the horizon. While a drop in temp might be just what the doctor ordered, the change in climate could mean stressed out strands! That’s why now is the perfect time to book a Brazilian Blowout!

Summertime means ponytails, beachy hair and braids – and while these looks are stylish, they can wreak havoc on hair. A BrazilianBlowout will help mend summer damage while it will restore the health and shine of your hair. Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment actually improves the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. This means you can confidently wear your hair down all season long with very minimal styling effort.

The best part of booking your Brazilian Blowout now? Not only will your hair be healthy, shiny, frizz-free and radiant, you will actually protect your tresses against harsh fall and winter weather! Cold air, rain and snow will be no match for your hair.  So what are you waiting for? Book your Brazilian Blowout appointment with a certified stylist today and start enjoying the best hair of your life NOW!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's National Brazilian Blowout Day - August 21st

Today is National Brazilian Blowout Day #nofrizzday
Don't let the heat beat you down these final weeks of summer.  Celebrate your beach trips, vacations, barbecues, and a carefree attitude WITHOUT it being a hair nightmare!  August is the time when humidity is at an all-time high and frizzy hair is in full effect across the nation.  Therefore, today we celebrate National Brazilian Blowout Day, a way to calm your tresses and embrace your most beautiful self.
Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, the Brazilian Blowout treatment actually improves the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. So those with Brazilian Blowouts don’t have to fear the summer humidity and can feel more confident in their look wherever they are.​
Visit a certified salon in your neighborhood to beat what the weather and humidity might be doing to your hair.  
National Brazilian Blowout Day is an “unofficial” national holiday that was proclaimed by the registrar at National Day Calendar in August, 2014.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Your Hair's New Bestie Revealed...

This summer’s hottest styles include the bob, lob and everything in-between! These precision cuts are quickly becoming the most requested styles. Celebrities like Chrissy Tiegen, Demi Lovato, Sienna Miller, Ashley Tisdale and Pippa Middleton have all made the cut. While these cuts look great when a client leaves the salon, precision cuts tend to run ragged not long after making the chop. Well – not anymore!

Enter your haircut’s new best friend: Brazilian Blowout Split End Repairing Solution! Using the Split End Repairing Solution after every single hair cut can extend the polished look, preserving the shape for much longer.

How it works:
Using a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, this treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex™ prevents future breakage by surrounding each strand with a protective coating, defending against daily styling and environmental stressors.

The end result is instantly repaired, stronger, healthier ends protected against future breakage, and a cut that keeps its style polished and perfect.

Whether you have long or short hair, ask your stylist how Brazilian Blowout’s Split End Repair is the perfect solution to your cut.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY Round Brush Set in 7 easy steps!

Smooth, healthy hair doesn’t have to be limp and lifeless!  Brazilian Blowout Volume  products utilize an exclusive Volume Boost Complex to infuse the hair with long-lasting volume and radiant shine!  

Products used to achieve this look include Brazilian Blowout’s Volume Shampoo and Volume ConditionerBrazilian Dry Oil, Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift, and Instant Volume Body Boost Powder.


HAIR TIP: when using any styling products, we recommend starting with less and adding more if needed based on your hair type, texture and the look you are trying to achieve!
Special thanks to Jordana Lorraine,  for providing us the great step-by-step. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Style & Trend Tips with Celebrity Stylist, Alfredo Lewis

Celebrity stylist and Brazilian Blowout Educator Alfredo Lewis of Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills gave us the 4-1-1 on what’s hot in hair for this summer.  From short to long, he’s got something to share for every hairstyle and need, along with the perfect product to achieve that look!

What are you seeing as far as trends in haircut & color for short, medium and long length hair?

Short Hair Trends:
So many clients are requesting the sudden, short, dramatic cut!  Think Jennifer Lawrence or Charlize Theron, extremely short yet soft and wispy around the edges, keeping it light and feminine with longer pieces over the forehead.  This cut can be worn over the brows or back opening up the face and the eyes.  It’s a very classic look with a fresh, modern softness.

Medium Hair Trends:
Sienna Miller has the cut of the moment; a soft a -line in the back and longer, shagged in the front.  This look can be worn messy and natural or smooth to show the precision of the cut.  It’s easily changed up from one look to the next, or from day to night.

Long Hair Trends:
The trend we’re seeing in long hair right now is longer layers that frame the face, giving the hair body and bounce.  Women are moving away from cuts where the hair is all one length and going for shape and movement to accentuate their features.

Color Trends – Long Hair:
Ombré is a thing of the past and on it’s way out.  However, there is a new “Ombré-ish” style that is more natural and softer looking where it’s more of a soft sun-kissed look with blending.  Color transitions are thinner at the base (about 2 to 3 inches out) depending on hair length, and gradually getting thicker down to the ends.  As summer approaches, we are going to be seeing a lot of people adding brighter blondes, and more and more women will be embracing highlights from root to ends.

Color Trends – Short Hair:
As for short hair color, we are seeing a lot of heavier lightening around the face and tapering in the crown, with the back remaining dark to show off the design of the cut and the two tone coloring.  Also, many of the short cuts are also sporting icy blonde tones similar to celebrities Pink and Miley Cyrus. 

What hair types benefit best from the Brazilian Blowout products and treatments (i.e. coarse, curly, etc)?

Most believe Brazilian Blowout treatments are only for those with thick, course, curly hair when in fact, all hair types can benefit.  Our treatments and aftercare products contain our proprietary Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex - a blend of natural antioxidants that conditions the hair cuticle, ensuring that every time you wash/condition, style your hair, you’ll give it a healthy boost of nutrients that adds shine and flexibility to your hair – with or without a smoothing treatment. 

For those wanting to reduce frizz or repair damage, a smoothing treatment will actually improve the condition of the hair and help turn damage around by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle for up to 12 weeks, or longer when used in tandem with our aftercare/styling line

For those looking to keep the length without snipping ends, our newest treatment, Split End Repair, is the way to go.  A ten-minute service that can be coupled with any other service at the salon (add-on to color, a Brazilian Blowout, a cut, etc.), fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while preventing future breakage and protecting against daily styling and environmental damage. 

Both treatments help create flexibility in styles as well as reduce styling time. 

Aftercare/Styling Products:
Acai Anti-Frizz is perfect for anyone with Frizzy/Course/Curly Hair.
The Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for coarse, curly, kinky hair whether you have received a smoothing treatment or not.  These sulfate-free products add vital moisture and protein balance needed for optimal smoothness and frizz reduction, as well as protecting colored hair. 

Additionally, you can try out the Acai Thermal Straightening Balm (One of Our Best Sellers) to achieve that “just flat ironed, sleek, straight look” when styling.  This heat-activated product effectively straightens waves/curls and tames those frizzies while protecting hair against additional damage.  And the best part, it’s 100% humidity resistant for those harsh summer days. 

Volume is the go-to for Fine/Flat/Lifeless Hair.
Brazilian Blowout Volume Shampoo and Conditioner utilizes an exclusive Volume Boost Complex enriched with essential body building amino acids and proteins to infuse the hair with long-lasting volume and radiant shine while strengthening and protecting each strand. 

Used in tandem with our humidity resistant, heat-activated Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift, you can achieve extreme lift and volume with flexible style. 

All of our aftercare/styling products are enriched with our proprietary Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex so that they can work together with smoothing treatments to achieve the smoothest result without compromising style.

What styles/textures do you see being popular this summer into fall?

Fun, messy, spontaneous braids seem to be the trend right now to achieve that simple style and “off the face” look.  They can easily be used to compliment a classic, retro, or bohemian style.  Start with a random braid and twist it into a fun style for whatever look you’re trying to achieve, resulting in a different, unique look every time. 

Beach Waves:
Beach waves will never go out but they seem to be trending more loose and bigger, in stead tight and perfect.