Monday, November 11, 2013

7 tips to help you build your Business with Brazilian Blowout

We polled our most successful stylists to share proven methods that have transformed their businesses, helping them grow their clientele and revenue.  After applying these strategies, they experienced quick and significant growth in their business, at times doubling it!

Here are SEVEN QUICK TIPS to get help you quickly and easily boost your Brazilian Blowout business. 

1. Reviews, reviews, reviews!
The best form of marketing is when your clients have nothing but good things to say about you and their results, as it helps to build credibility and acquiring new clientele. With smart phones and tablets putting the web right at your fingertips, there’s no excuse to not have your reviews available for all to see!  Some of the best review platforms can be found on YELP,, and Angie’s List.  Set up a profile and be sure to share with each of your clients so they can help market your great work through positive reviews. 

2. Post and be active on social media.
How much time are you currently spending in your own chair when you don’t have a client in your seat?  Instead of just surfing the next, use the assets you already have with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment services.  Post photos, tag your salon, promote your services, and have your clients check in on Facebook while they're sitting in your chair – it’s so simple.  And don’t forget that in the SalonSupport Materials section of our website, you have access to proven marketing templates and creative to use in your social media and email efforts. 

3. List your salon on the BB salon locator.
If you haven’t already listed your salon on the Brazilian Blowout salon locator, you may have been missing out. Consumers, and our customer service department, use this to find certified salons for service.  Stop missing out on opportunity and add yourself here.

4. Add Brazilian Blowout to on your service menu: website, blog, and other pages. 
If you have done a great job of letting all of your clients know that you offer Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments, then you should also let the general public know you offer them as well.  A simple google search for the term “Brazilian blowout” by inquiring minds can result in a new client for you if it’s clear that your salon offers the service.  Add it to your website menu card, your in-salon menu card, your blog, and everywhere else you promote your business.  The more places you advertise the service, you increase your chances of gaining new clients. 

5.  Set up a referral program.
It’s super easy to set up and rewarding for both you and your current clientele.  You can create a simple and straightforward referral program for minimal to no cost simply by using existing materials.  Like your business card.  Or the Brazilian Blowout marketing support materials (digital or printed). Or simply by word of mouth referral.  For every X new Brazilian Blowouts that client Y sends to you, client Y will receive a free Z.  Replace X, Y, and Z with names and you’ve got your referral program.  It’s that easy.

6.  Offer a product/service giveaway with your own database.
Utilize the retail products you have as add-ons or promotional tools to help increase business.  For example, package a Brazilian Blowout Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner DUO with the cost of the smoothing treatment to help ensure the client maintains smooth, beautiful hair.  This, in turn, will keep them happy with the treatment, and appreciative of the package deal, and keep them coming back to YOU for their treatments.  Or send out an email to your database with something along the lines of “the first 5 clients to book a Brazilian Blowout with me, and mentions this email, will receive a free Brazilian Blowout Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner with their next treatment.”  The options are endless – you just need to use your creativity to come up with what’s important to your clientele.

7.  Attend a Brazilian Blowout roadshow to re-certify and hone skills that will help you and your clients achieve the best possible results. 
 “You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” (Julia Child)  Be at the forefront of education and learning for your profession, as this is what separates you from the rest.  Knowing advanced skills and finding the best, most effective ways to achieve the best results possible are key to helping you double your business in no time.  Educational classes are always updated on our website.

So there you have it. These methods are proven testimonials from stylists who have applied the above tips and saw very attractive results in no time.  Good luck and please feel free to share your testimonials with us! 


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