Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why You Should Re-Certify with Brazilian Blowout

When professional smoothing treatments first arrived on the market a few years ago, they took off like wildfire.  Brands have come and gone since then and a few established ones remain.  As a category leader, Brazilian Blowout continues to make the success of the stylist top priority by emphasizing the importance of on-going stylist education and certification. This year, we mark our commitment to educational excellence with the start of our annual re-certification requirement.   

Here are just a few reasons why we’re requiring re-certification for all certified stylists. 

Reason #1:  We’re raising the standards for stylist education and certification in the smoothing category.
Professional smoothing treatments continue to pave the way for stylists to enjoy increased revenue by offering additional services. While education and certification remain the frontline for stylists to properly perform the treatment with care and precision, re-certification ensures that the stylists administering this service are properly trained and accredited prior to use, and experience consistent results.  More importantly, it’s imperative that the stylist is up-to-date on the proper application of product and adjusting the temperature of hot tools in order to customize the treatment to meet the client’s needs while adhering to manufacturer instructions. 

Reason #2:  Stylist can easily hone and improve skills with the latest advances in technique.
Re-certification allows stylists to set themselves apart by providing them with the latest certificate to display at their station, as well as affording them the opportunity to communicating their on-going education in this life changing service on their personal websites, blogs, and social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

“Re-certification has created a HUGE impact on my business because it’s allowed me to offer a service to my clientele that is customizable.  My clients can enjoy smooth, sleek strands or, they can keep their their hair curly and frizz-free, and all of that I learned via continued education through Brazilian Blowout,” says Felini, a stylist at Phillip K. Thomas salon in Dallas, TX. “My re-certification in this treatment sets me apart from others who may not offer the service, making me unique and in high demand, and I have no problems re-certifying every year because I know I’m only learning new information direct from the company that will help me deliver superior results.”

Reason #3: Be the first to learn about new products.
Educational events are a platform for brands to announce and educate stylists on new treatments and other products.  Similarly, Brazilian Blowout uses these events to communicate with current and new stylists about how to utilize various Brazilian Blowout treatments as well as care and styling products to ensure optimum treatment performance and hair health for clients. Our Educational Events are a great platform for stylists to communicate directly with the brand and provide us with valuable feedback to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of salon professionals.

Reason #4:  Not all treatments are created equal. 
There are many different treatments available, and all have their own unique features and benefits however, there is only one Brazilian Blowout.  “I choose the Brazilian Blowout treatment because it’s the only one that works; plain and simple.  And it can be washed out at the salon during a client’s appointment unlike keratin smoothing treatments that require my client to leave the product in the hair for up to 72 hours before washing it out.  My clients want to leave my salon and go back to living their busy lives,” states Felini. 

Reason # 5: Complete re-certification in less than 20 minutes.
Stylists love the convenience of re-certifying on-line. Upon submission of a completed test, stylists are called within 24 hours and notified if they have passed and are then mailed, a new certificate. What’s more, re-certification is a great time to update your information in our salon locator, ensuring that potential clients in your area get the correct information when visiting our salon locator.

It’s important to know these differences so that the treatment is performed as directed to avoid delivering an inferior result that could leave the client, and you, extremely frustrated.  These types of details are covered at our educational events and on-line certification and should be followed as directed.  Don’t get creative and try to skip or add your own steps as final results and treatment longevity can only be guaranteed when the Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatment is performed according to manufacturer instructions.

To join the rankings of savvy stylists worldwide who continue to increase their business and transform the lives and hair of their clients, follow their lead by completing your re-certification today.  Whether at a Brazilian Blowout sponsored educational event or online, get re-certified and take your skills to the next level to experience the impressive results you and your clients expect. 


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